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7/6 mon almost full moon

7/21 tue new moon

Japan time 20:00 START !

All participants are to sing mantra first and then stay in silence to feel its energy.

Joining with your partner and family is encouraged.


Mantra is the spirit of the sound.

In Japanese, it is called Shingon, meaning it is the words of the truth.

Mantra is a collection of Sanskrit words which leads you to the state of having prayers and meditations as the unique and simple sound will vibrate within.

Even without knowing the meanings of the words, indescribable sense of harmony will arise just by hearing or singing the sounds aloud.

Sing fully, the best you can. Feel the song using your whole body.

When in silence, be as silent as you can… feeling the mantra energy and its silence.

Different qualities of silence will come after each song.

By Sandesh

The first full moon of July is also known as the Guru Purnima.


Guru (the one who removes darkness) Purnima (full moon) is one of the most essential and promising days in the Hindu and Buddhist calendar. On this day, we celebrate the special bond between the Guru and the disciple, or the disciple’s devotion, love, and gratitude towards the Guru or spiritual teacher.

Traditionally, during Guru Purnima, we offer rituals to the Gurus, which may be Gods or real people. We thank them and recite their greatness and the impact they have on our life. We chant and sing Mantras, dance, and offer gifts in the form of flowers and sweets. Most people follow a vegetarian diet and many even fast the whole day, eating only fresh and dry fruits, and curd, and ending the fast only after the evening ritual and singing.

The Buddhists celebrate this day to honor their Guru, the Buddha, who delivered his first sermon on this day at Saranath. They meditate and read and chant his teachings.

We’ll be singing mantras and show our gratitude to all the Gurus of the past, present, and future.

Mantra singing is very popular among the people enjoying meditations.

You can connect with the world and with the universe from the comfort of your house.

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Sandesh (Andrea Scarci)


Hi, I’m Sandesh, legally known as Andrea Scarsi. I consider myself as a master of silence e define as a mystic, a writer, and a musician, when I use my works to share a dimension of being and lifestyle based on meditation and communion with the absolute — a lifestyle missing nothing since I honor everything as divine.


I was born in Venice, Italy, in 1955, and started at fifteen to practice yoga, spiritualism, and telepathy. At twenty-one I step into Tibetan Buddhism, and twenty-four, on my first trip to India, I consciously entered the world of meditation guided by the Spiritual Master Osho who gave me a new name: Swami Prem Sandesh (love message) and a daily discipline to follow if I wanted to.

Through the years, I studied, practiced, and deepened different techniques for awakening consciousness, energy balancing, and personal evolution, which I now share and teach leading meditation groups and sessions, conferences, retreats, mantra chanting, and meetings in truth. 

I love traveling and remained for long periods in India and Buddhist Southeast Asia: Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Lao, and Tibet. I adore exploring local cultures, both meeting people, and in the form of their rituals and religious practices applied to everyday life.

Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Grand Master, Karuna Reiki®, Crystals, Shaman, and Meditation Master, I am the author of several books on spirituality, and mantra albums.

I am married with Ma Advaita Krisana and reside between Venice, Italy, and Goa, India. I prize to connect with people from all walks of life and do something or even noting together. You get me through my website and email address.